The foot that writes. Pilgrims in search of light El Pie que escribe. Peregrinos en busca de luz 

"The foot that writes. Pilgrims in search of light" is a photographic artistic project that tries to reflect the intangible, the aura and soul of people through portraits of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. The project, still ongoing, has more than 200 portraits, and a compilation video with interventions in 12 different languages. The portraits are of pilgrims of all nationalities, ages and socioeconomic origins. All of them on a white background to achieve a portrait without distractions: to the essentials. And using only natural light. Exploring the transformation that the Camino produces in people and the concrete identity of the pilgrim: that of the person eager for challenges and moved by the search. The project is inspired by the series 'In the American West' by Richard Avedon.

The work has been exhibited in Pamplona (2023) and an exhibition will soon be taken to Tudela, Spain (2024), Murcia, Spain (2024) and Seville (2025).

Project's dossier (English and Spanish)

The foot that writes. Pilgrims in search of light PROJECT DOSSIER.pdf


Pamplona exhibit

Patricio Sánchez-Jáuregui, Artist 

Project Curator Berta Viteri

Tudela exhibit